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My name is Vincent van Oss. I graduated in 1984 at the Royal Academy of fine arts and design in
’s-Hertogenbosch. In 1993 I obtained the diploma of the Pedagogical -Didactic Training Course in Amsterdam. Since then I give several various courses and workshops from my studio in Amsterdam-Zuid near the Vondelpark.

On my website you will find the different courses and workshops that I offer as well as some series of my work through the years.

Would you also like to learn to paint?

Then visit Atelier Vincent van Oss.
Here you can go for a painting course every Friday in the workshop in Amsterdam Zuid, close to the Vondelpark.


Gold Mark

2017 – 2018

2017 -2018 | Vincent van Oss presents 2D – and 3D images using his own body as a starting point.

External features like flap ears and a hanging belly are clearly expressed in photos and installations. Then he tried to show his inner self. He did this especially in viewing cabinets. A guideline in this is his teenage years, the seventies. His love for nature and electronic music has remained a constant in his life. Trees, leaves and contemporary objects are linked to the Self image. Music by Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze is interwoven with the objects. The dream, dreaming away from everyday reality to a more beautiful world, plays an important role in this.