PORTFOLIO ARCHIVE UP TO 20002018-12-04T23:46:03+00:00
  • Beeldende aspecten: strak abstract zwart wit schilderij met gebogen lijnen en cirkels, abstract black and white painting with curved lines and circles
    Vincent van Oss 1988 ✯ Visual Aspects ✯ 40 cm x 40 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas
  • Gerelateerd: blauw wit schilderij over gerelateerde vormen, painting about related shapes
    Vincent van Oss 1988 ✯ Related ✯ 50 cm x 65 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas
  • Gestalt switch: rood wit schilderij over Gestalt switch, painting about Gestalt switch
    Vincent van Oss 1990 ✯ Gestalt Switch ✯ 40 cm x 40 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas
  • ✯ ARCHIVES up to 2000 ✯
    Various sizes | acrylic paint and pencil on canvas | no. 4 acrylic on paper ✯ When the artist had found his direction, he initially worked with strictly defined forms and very limited shades of colour. This technique generated very clear images. The titles of the works were also carefully considered.
  • Op deze planeet: Studie voor speels schilderij over figuren die op aarde leven, study for a playful painting about creatures that live on the earth
    Vincent van Oss 1990 ✯ On this planet ✯ 65 cm x 50 cm ✯ study
  • De blijde ontvangst: abstract schilderij over De blijde ontvangst, abstract painting about the joyful reception
    Vincent van Oss 1990 ✯ The joyful reception ✯ 100 cm x 100 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas
  • Ijmuiden: groot abstract schilderij over Ijmuiden, big abstract painting about Ijmuiden
    Vincent van Oss 1991 ✯ IJmuiden ✯ 180 cm x 150 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas
  • Mirror: groen schilderij over vervorming geïnspireerd door Hans Arp, green painting about deformation inspired by Hans Arp
    Vincent van Oss 2000 ✯ Mirror ✯ 40 cm x 40 cm ✯ acrylic on canvas