YOUTH from 2020 

In 2020 Vincent started making installations with found objects. He combined objects to tell his story. These are about his youth. Being born, having a Mom and Dad. Playing, dreaming, fearing, asking for attention, being punished. Feeling displaced.

45 cm x 37 cm x 30 cm  A ceramic statue on straw on top of a children’s shopping car. All placed on a farm painting

All my love in veins: spatial object with silhouette with a plant; love in all my veins, but perhaps is ‘all my love in vain’, ode to Navid Nuur


installations | 2017 – 2018

2017 -2018 | Vincent van Oss presents 2D – and 3D images using his own body as a starting point. External features like flap ears and a hanging belly are clearly expressed in photos and installations. Then he tried to show his inner self. He did this especially in viewing cabinets. A guideline in this is his teenage years, the seventies. His love for nature and electronic music has remained a constant in his life. Trees, leaves and contemporary objects are linked to the Self image. Music by Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze is interwoven with the objects. The dream, dreaming away from everyday reality to a more beautiful world, plays an important role in this.


charcoal and pencil life drawing concerning the male nude


65 x 50 cm | charcoal on paper | 2004 – 2016

For years now, male nude models have presented themselves in the studio for student drawing and painting from life. If the organizer has the time, he joins in! An exact representation is not the aim. Quick sketches –without too much shading – work effectively.

white shapes with holes on white background inspired by Teatrino by Fontana


40 x 40 cm | lacquer on MDF | 2013

As I often use geometrical forms, I decided to work with sawn-out – and sometimes pierced – MDF for a change. As a result, the work gets addi-tional tangibility. ‘Teatrino is an homage to Lucio Fontana’s ‘Teatrino’ series. ‘Picadilly Circus’ is an homage to René Daniëls, who also made a series with this title.


Waterlillies inspired by Monet


60 cm x 80 cm | acrylics on canvas | 2016

Inspired by Monet’s water lilies, Vincent van Oss presents his particular vision of these images. On his paintings we see the calyx shape of flowers. Water lilies grow by taking nourishment from the water. They are exposed to changing weather conditions. Rain and frost threaten them. They are vulnerable, but their roots and leafs also offer protection to living creatures in the water.

ink on paper, black and white painting. The inspiration is ink stains, designs and doodles on paper


Black & White | 40 x 40 cm | acrylic, pencil and sometimes ink on canvas | 2012 – 2013 ✯ Pink ‘painting’ | 40 x 40 cm | giclee on paper | 2005

Ink on Paper is about working with traditional indian ink on paper: think up words, but also make blotches and doodles, both consciously and unconsciously. Literature and the visual arts are brought together.


small painting by Dutch organic abstract expressionist


65 x 50 cm | acrylic, pencil and sometimes ink on canvas | 2009 – 2011

Composing and painting without a prior plan. The game is continued. Images evoke memories of existing images or conjure up new associations.

big painting by Dutch organic abstract expressionist inspired by Sigmar Polke


180 x 135 cm | acrylic and pencil on canvas | 2002 – 2007

On a warm summer’s day, it is always wonderful to spread out large canvases on the ground and get to work with big splashes of paint and large cut-outs. Playing is essential; but not carefree, for in the end, a lot of thinking an watching is involved.


Organic abstract round painting by Dutch expressionist painter


diameter 50 cm | acrylic and pencil on canvas | 2005 – 2007

These works on circular surfaces have movement as their theme. It is not only the flowing paint that suggests movement, but the circular canvases also give you the feeling that you can rotate the composition. A rectangular canvas has mostly four possible tops and bottoms. The circle has countless possibilities. In the end, one top and bottom are chosen after all.

VISUAL ASPECTS: abstract black and white painting with curved lines and circlesabstract black and white painting with curved lines and circles

✯ ARCHIVES up to 2000 ✯

various sizes | acrylic paint and pencil on canvas | no. 4 acrylic on paper

When the artist had found his direction, he initially worked with strictly defined forms and very limited shades of colour. This technique generated very clear images. The titles of the works were also carefully considered.