Female / Male nude model

Drawing life models is always a thrill. A bit awkward and giggly you draw your first lines. But then there is a sketch before you know it.

Of course, the techniques will be demonstrated by the teacher and you will be coached during your work.

You can choose between

▸ Drawing life model : ( 3 poses on A3 paper )
▸ Painting life model : 1 painting on a canvas measuring 40 x 30 cm

Drawing life model is € 32 per person

Painting life model is € 37 per person

*discount from 14 persons onward 

The workshop includes tea, coffee. Soft drinks, wine, beer and snacks.

General information

  • The painting workshop takes 2 hours. Extension or shortening is possible after consultation.
  • The surface area of the studio is 70 m2. There is also an adjoining space of 20 m2.
  • There are 18 easels and 18 seats.
  • The studio is located on Tweede (2nd) Schinkelstraat 24 D Amsterdam, near the Vondelpark.

Optionally, the workshop can take place elsewhere.

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